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Carbon free emissions? Is that possible?

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Zero E


While we understand that it will not be possible to come to a perfect solution overnight, we at MySkyEco are trying tirelessly to show the fastest and most efficient ways aviation can reduce and finally almost totally cut emissions.

We are starting at the bottom of the aviation hierarchy, light aviation. It is significantly cheaper and more efficient to develop new technologies using light aircraft as testing vehicles as compared to designing and testing solutions for transport category airplanes first. The light aircraft we have developed, and are continuing to develop, will be very useful for flight training, aerial observation, recreational activities, banner towing, and many other uses. At the same time, they will lead the way towards zero emission aviation.

Boeing and Airbus are both working diligently on sustainability programs. They are each following a slightly different approach. While Airbus seems to be more concentrating on future solutions centered around the use of hydrogen, Boeing is more tending towards solutions based on sustainable fuel innovations or electric hybrids. Both approaches have their merits. Both also have a long way to go. Both know that, like it or not, aviation will change. It is much better to plan for it and take the necessary steps in an organized way now than to be overrun by politically motivated changes with little time to react.


Airbus’s sustainability program:

Boing Eco Demonstrator

Boeing’s environmental protection program:

At MySkyECO we are doing the same thing for the light aircraft market. Light aircraft do not make up a large part of the total transportation emissions. Actually, it contributes only a very small portion of the overall environmental impact of aviation. But the industry as a whole is under pressure and light aviation will not be spared.

The current problems with AVGas 100LL are an indication of what must be expected in the future.

The new MySky MS-1L will run on all new lead-free replacement fuels. It can also use automobil gas. All this, while the engine runs 30% cleaner and more than 20% more fuel efficient compared to a typical light aircraft piston engine. Not to forget that the airframe’s aerodynamic shape makes for better fuel mileage at a given power output.

MySky MS-1, a modern and sleek design with a proven test record of more than one thousand flights and over 400 flight hours, will serve as testbed for our environmentally friendly new technologies. View some clips of test and demonstration flights:


We are building partnerships and enter into cooperation agreements with established industry leaders and leading minds in science to transform aviation into a sustainable form of transportation.

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