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MySkyECO MS-1e in front of our hangar


Sometimes we are told that the grid will not be able to handle the energy demand if electric cars are the norm. And now aircraft are going to add more stress to the system?

First, the assumption does not seem to be correct. The grid could easily outgrow the demand – which will not arise overnight.

On the other hand, decentralized power generation will probably play a much larger role in the future than we can imagine today. Just an example: This is a drone view of our hangar roof (In the Spruce Creek Fly-in community):


MySkyECO Hangar Roof Area

Drone Flight Photo: Stefan Buntenbach


Admittedly, this is quite a large hangar. But not out of the ordinary. A flight school might operate out of a hangar of easily this size.

Now let’s assume that we fill the roof area with photovoltaic panels. Like this:


How we could place Photovoltaic Panels on our Hangar Roof


Depending on the panel size, we could fit between 220 and 300 photovoltaic panels on our roof. Here in Florida, we could expect to generate 855 KW per day – on average. Enough to power MS-1e for 17h. The investment is not inexpensive. But it could be amortized in less than four years.

It is not true that ecologically responsible aviation has to be expensive. We will make the opposite a reality. If done right, totally emission free flying will be the most economical way to travel.

Admittedly, we are in Florida, and we have lots of sunshine here. But we are not No 1 in solar power potential in the US. 8 other states beat us. Including Wyoming and Oklahoma. Who would have thought?