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MySky MS-1L needs a redesigned engine cowling because the Rotax 915 iS needs more airflow than the original engine used in MySky MS-1. The 915 iS, although basically the same external size as a 912 or 914, comes with several new new components. They all need space and some of them need extra airflow for cooling. There is radiator for the coolant, the oil cooler is larger, there is the turbocharger and it’s intercooler, and there is very effective muffler. All these need space and airflow. Beyond that, there are more hoses and ducts, many sensors and even more wires.

We need to be very careful to not compromise the good looks of the MS-1 aircraft. Our aerodynamicist, Rick McWilliams, has created a number of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models and ran tests to find a good aerodynamic fit for the MS-1L fuselage. The result is amazing:


The flow analysis shows that this is not only a low drag fuselage and cowling. It also looks very well. The air inlets have to be larger. But this will only make the aircraft look more powerful. Which it is. But otherwise the look of our aircraft will not be compromised.

The velocity isolines show a low drag fuselage and engine cowling combination. Just what we were looking for.