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MS-1L Aircraft


Exemplifying a New Strategy
to Achieve Sustainability

This is the MySky MS-1L prototype getting ready for one of its many test flights. It has performed more than 1,000 of these successfully and accumulated more than 400 total hours of flight time.


Advantages of MS -1L

  • Excellent aerodynamics
  • Easy and predictable flight characteristics
  • Designed to optimize performance and efficiency
  • Very spacious cabin – 30” wide
  • Excellent visibility
  • Side stick control
MS-1L Range

The All New MS-1L

Powered by the Rotax 915 iS and certified to the new MOSAIC LPA standards with much less stringent limitations compared to the Light Sport Rules. The airplane can cruise much faster at better fuel efficiency. It will be strengthened structurally as the weight limit will be less stringent – making it an ideal workhorse in the flight school environment.

It will have a constant speed prop with FADEC and single lever control. It will be real single lever control as even the mixture will be constantly kept at optimal setting electronically.

Rotax 915 iS