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MS-1e Electric Aircraft


MySkyECO MS-1e All-Electric

The MySkyECO MS-1e is an all-electric single engine flight training and recreational aircraft. Combining the latest battery technology with proven electric motors and power distribution units we will lead the way towards a sustainable aviation future.


An All-Electric Evolution

Based on our flight tested MS-1L airframe the MS-1e is being developed as a more ECOlogical and ECOnomical alternative to currently available flight training aircraft. MySkyECO is partnering with the most progressive technology leaders in the aerospace community to create an aircraft that will have a potential 90+ minute fully electric endurance. Using a DC fast charging system our charge time will be under 30 min and allow for efficient flight school scheduling.

MS-1L Range

Economic Flight Training

The use of the most advanced materials and technology allows us to reduce operation costs over 60% when compared with traditional flight training aircraft.