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Clean Aviation


You don’t see these black plumes of smoke anymore during a modern airliner’s take off. Airplane manufacturers have come a long way to make their airplanes cleaner and more efficient. But the growth airline travel has way outpaced the cleaning efforts.

Time is of the essence now as political pressure will be mounting soon. We hear news from Europe indicating that a large percentage of air travelers plan on cutting down their use of airlines due to environmental concerns.

Commercial aviation is already under pressure. This will soon trickle down to light aviation. One good reason to look for alternatives to conventional light airplane engines now.

Even more important, our new technologies might also lead the way to clean propulsion technologies for larger aircraft.

Airliners have become more than 70% more fuel efficient and up to 80% cleaner since the advent of the Boeing 707 in the late 1950’s.


Conversely, air travel has been growing enormously in recent decades, raising the air pollution caused by aviation significantly – despite much cleaner operating airliners.

Data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics indicates that even in the 2000’s there is an overall sharp increase in the number of Revenue Passenger Miles flown despite there being 3 major events in the transportation sector in 9/11, 2008 housing crisis, and COVID.