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About the Founders of MySky ECO, Inc.

Dieter Canje

Dieter Canje

Dieter Canje started flying airplanes (gliders) at age 15 in Germany. At age 16 he took his first dual lesson in a powered airplane (J3-C) in Switzerland. In the following year he attended a private pilot course in Switzerland. The minimum age in Switzerland was 17 – whereas in Germany you had to be eighteen to get a private pilot’s license.

After a couple years in the German Air Force, he added FAA licenses (CPL, IFR, CFI, CFII, AGI) while still in Germany in 1968. A few years later he added FAA ME and SEAS. Because a borderline vision deficiency (they were stricter for Class I at the time) he left commercial aviation but continued to be in touch and always flew airplanes for his own transportation.

He then started an entrepreneurial career and formed a number of corporations, initially in Germany, and starting in 1991 also in the United States. MySky Aircaft was formed in 2007 as a Nevada Corporation and was 2012 domesticated as a Florida Corporation.

Dieter serves as chairman of the board of MySky ECO, Inc.

Dieter preparing for a flight demonstration of MySky MS-1 with a prospect from China.

Grant Desmarais began to fly at the age of fourteen in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where he worked to put himself through a local flight school soloing on his 16th birthday.

As a young man, he continued to fly and study aviation. Grant attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. There, he attained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Aviation while in his free time working as an aircraft broker. Grant focused on many international deals that were a welcome challenge untouched by other brokers.

Grant continued to complete his Master’s Degree of Business Administration (MBAA) in Aviation in 2008 while developing and eventually selling Aero Controller, one of the largest online aviation sales platforms in the world.

Grant is currently a commercial, multi engine, and instrument rated pilot with a wide range of experience in different aircraft. He has been a consultant on several aviation related projects and continues to be intrigued by the new and exciting direction that aviation is taking globally. With over 500 aircraft sales under his belt and over 20 years of experience focused exclusively in aviation, Grant brings his lifelong obsession for aviation, along with his passion for meeting new people, and enthusiasm to MySky ECO, Inc.

Grant Desmarais

Dieter Canje

Grant discussing details of cockpit design with chief test pilot Tim Plunkett during the early test phase.

Test Flight with Tim Plunkett

Grant on a test flight together with Tim Plunkett.

MySky Aircraft

About MySky Aircraft

MySky Aircraft, Inc., owns the intellectual property of MySky MS-1. The airplane had its first flight in June 2009 and was displayed in Oshkosh later in the same year. The airplane was very well received by the aviation press. Just an example:

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