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If you are interested in General Aviation at all, there is no need to introduce you to AVweb. And if you know AVweb, you have certainly watched Paul Bertorelli. One of the most experienced journalists in the field. And a well trusted voice on whose opinion we can count.

He had a chance to fly the Rotax 915 iS very early. Almost five years ago. It happened here in Florida, at Progressive Aerodyne, where they manufacture the Searey (or Searey kits for the homebuilt version).

They had just completed the first airplane with a 915 iS to test fly it in the US. Meanwhile, the engine is in full production. We expect that the FAA will announce the new LSA MOSAIC rules at Oshkosh in just a few weeks, and we are quite confident that the new rules will allow a Constant Speed with FADEC.

This is one of the most beautiful Seareys flying. Although the Searey’s operational spectrum is quite different from MySkyECO’s MS-1L, the results of their extensive flight testing have shown that the engine lives up to our expectations.

We are confident that, with our sleek and aerodynamically refined design in combination with the 915 iS, we will be able to create the most efficient and ecologically sustainable piston engine aircraft in the market.

Watch Paul Bertorelli’s opinion about the Rotax 915 iS when it was still brand new and not yet really on the market: